BB Naija: Eviction Polls reveals the weakest 4 .

Our predictions for who is going home prior to the Eviction show may not have been exactly correct but nevertheless, the four housemates mentioned in our previous post are still among the bottom six, but housemates we didn’t know were weak joined the list. Esther and Gedoni have joined the list.

The week 5 of season 4 (BB Naija pepper dem ) may just have begun and though this edition seems to be toughest as we cannot predict the strongest housemates and this is week 5 already. We however are very sure of the bottom 4 as the numbers do not lie.

Nelson and Thelma had the lowest votes and were evicted from the house, but the other housemates with the lowest votes, which makes them the weakest includes:

4. Gedoni = 1.66%
3. Jackye = 1.53%
2. Esther = 1.46%
1. Jeff = 1.02%

Now that we are sure of the bottom 4, I guess predictions will be more accurate.


Justin C Ifeanyichukwu also known as Eastcoastprince or ECP is a Nigerian blogger, writer and digital media strategist. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology Technology from the University Of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He is the founder and Chief executive officer of the viral content website “Storyteller Nigeria”.

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