Psquare – Mr P and Rudeboy, who was the better half?

It was a sad hearing, sometime last year, when Nigerians heard the biggest duo in Nigerian Music , blood twin brothers of the Okoye family, were taking a bow to their long term collaboration and partnership and finally settling for solo careers.

Fans could tell that there would be a struggle on their new found path and over 6 months down their line, and both parties of Mr. P (Peter Okoye) and Rudeboy (Paul Okoye), have released several songs, including music videos, but we can tell there’s something missing in the for duo.

Is it their rhythmic sound accompanied with some dance moves, or the colorful videos and amazing dress sense..we cannot really tell. Nevertheless, looking and the twin stars individually, we can analyze and come to a conclusion. Let’s start with the Peter Okoye “Mr P” , then Rudeboy “Paul Okoye”

Peter Okoye “Mr P”

Growing up with a talent of dancing, Mr P was Psquare’s brand face and style. His moves and gestures , accompanied with his amazing physique and some neat good looks caught the attention of everyone who was a fan. At some point, he was called “Nigeria’s Usher”. His fan base has grown to over 3 million fans on instagram alone.

After the split, he dropped 2 songs with videos simultaneously. Cool it down and For my head had wonderful rhythm and the videos were exactly as his fans expected. Lovely dance moves and that colourful fashion radiating all through, however, one could tell something was missing….That voice, the unique Psquarian voice wasn’t there and lyrics, not so deep as we usually hear , but what can fans do, but adapt to the new vibe of the amazing Mr P.

His stage presence is off- the-chain and his thrilling attitude and his dancing abilities and style was the Peter side of Psquare.


Paul Okoye “Rudeboy”

A magnificent song writer and amazing singer and the reason for so many hits in the Psquare duo, you cannot take the voice and talent from the Rudeboy, Paul Okoye. An amazing vocalists, Paul Okoye grew up in music, having a band of his own, while on campus. After parting with his brother, he has dropped two songs, “Fire Fire and Nkejikeke“. These songs, the lyrical content only shows one thing …He was the voice of Psquare. His songs carry the vibe we could really relate to and those sweet lyrical texture we all feel. Check out his voice in its true form below:

However, we the Nkejikeke video was nothing out of the ordinary. Though his personality shows he likes to keep things simple…the Psquare we know, set their videos ablaze with so much energy and color.

Accessing the brothers individually, we can say, the both played awesome and very vital parts of the Psquare.. and we cannot take anything from both parties. So who is the better half? Your choice to choose.



Justin C Ifeanyichukwu also known as Eastcoastprince or ECP is a Nigerian blogger, writer and digital media strategist. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology Technology from the University Of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He is the founder and Chief executive officer of the viral content website “Storyteller Nigeria”.

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