Big things comes in small packages, they say. This is the case of a 12 year old, already doing great things and impacting greatly in the world already. Wikipedia describes her, as an Author, a founder, an activist and a feminist.

Born in 2005, Marley Dias was born in Philedephia, New Jersey. The African-American young lad grew up as a voracious reader and couldn’t help but read as many books as she could find.

At 11, she noticed, most of the books she read, talked mainly about White boys and their dogs and these made her tired. Due to this, she had a drive, to get more books that will tell on Black girls, she started a campaign called “1000 black girl booked”.

The goal of her campaign was simple; gather over 1000 books that tell stories of Black girls as the major characters and donate them to schools for children to read. She however surpassed it, and has gathered over 9000 books that feature black girls has the major characters.

Speaking at the “Annual Forbes Women Summit”, which was graced by Mitchelle Obama, She said:

“Frustration is fuel that can lead to the development of an innovative and useful idea,” she said, noting that only after she conducted some research did she realize just how few books had black girls or girls of color as their lead character, and how she might not be the only person frustrated by the lack of representation in children’s books.

“I had a lot of choices about how I was going to address this problem.

Option 1: focus on me, get myself more books; have my dad take me to Barnes and Noble and just be done, live my perfect life in suburban New Jersey.

Option 2: find some authors, beg them to write more black girl books so I’d have some of my own, special editions, treat myself a bit,” she said.

“Or, option 3: start a campaign that collect books with black girls as the main characters, donate them to communities, develop a resource guide to find those books, talk to educators and legislators about how to increase the pipeline of diverse books, and lastly, write my own book, so that I can see black girl books collected and I can see my story reflected in the books I have to read.”

Dias, of course, went with option 3, and her effort is much needed in the world of children’s literature.

Already working on her own book about her life, Dias has recommended some books for children to read. These includes;

The Story of Ruby Bridges

No Mirrors in My Nana’s House

Dear America

Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson

Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry


Marley Dias appeared on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore and co-host of the Girls Can Do Program. She interviewed people like Misty Copeland and Ava DuVernay for She has become the ‘s youngest editor and the youngest person to grace the forbes 30 under 30 .



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