Yahoo yahoo – A scheme or a scam ?!!

Social media has been on rage of the topic of ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ . Just in case you are reading this from another country, the term ‘Yahoo yahoo’ refers to Cyber crime/Cyber fraud in Nigeria.

The issue which started has Simi’s honest opinion suddenly blew up as a National topic as some young and upcoming Artistes took it upon themselves to oppose Simi’s point of view.

Simi spoke on the issue , that she’s against it and she doesn’t like fraud while Artistes like Nairamarley and Zlatan seemed to be offended by the statement, saying that the Label, her husband (Adekunle Gold) former belonged to, promoted Yahoo, with the name ‘YBNL’ meaning, Yahoo Boy No Laptop.

Nairamarley seemed to be the Major Artiste Justifying ‘Yahoo’ , as he said in a live video he did that Yahoo boys are the ones that make money circulate in the Nigerian economy while the politicians keep all the cash to themselves.

Now, from my point of view , there is no 2 ways to look at it, Yahoo yahoo is a crime and a serious one at that. You can’t justify a crime with another crime.

Someone said, if we know about slave trade, then we will know that it is not a crime. This is by far, a very wrong mentality as Slave trade happened decades ago and the westerners who did the damage have long died and some even forgotten. Some of the descendants of the slaves taken there, who have their origin traced back to Africa have fallen victim of cyber fraud so who can we blame then.

Cyber crime is on the rise and it seems to be the easy way out for many youths, but truth be told, any money you cannot show accountability for, is not yours..

So why choose way out when in years to come, it most likely won’t be sustainable, when you can use your God given talent and make a success of yourself and in years to come, you can tell everyone your inspiring story.


Justin C Ifeanyichukwu also known as Eastcoastprince or ECP is a Nigerian blogger, writer and digital media strategist. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology Technology from the University Of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He is the founder and Chief executive officer of the viral content website “Storyteller Nigeria”.

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