The ‘Princess Agunbiade ‘ Spelling Bee !!

The importance of Education cannot be overemphasized. Education is like a candle, with which you light up a path. With knowledge comes realization of how much you can be, how much you can do, how high you can aim, the unending streams of opportunities that are suddenly opened up to you. You become limitless like an eagle.

Spelling is important because it aids reading. It helps cement the connection that is shared between sounds and letters. Learning high frequency sight words also has been shown to help with both reading and writing. This is why students learn sight words during their early years. Spelling and reading also have a common factor, proficiency with language.

Princess Agunbiade Spelling Bee is a Spelling competition aimed at bringing out the best in the students through spelling. We believe that rewarding academic excellence is one way to get students to take their studies seriously. We understand the teeming pressure on young children these days to abandon education as it is now termed “boring”, a waste. We hope to make it fun, and show children how much more they can do even as educated folks.


Primary Goal:
Our goal is to bridge the language deficiency gap among Nigerian students especially being a country with many indigenous languages. We want to improve English language proficiency amongst students generally, also pique their interest in reading and researching. Spelling bees are a great way to do that.


Importance of spelling bees:
Spelling bees are a great way to help the competitors gain the experience necessary to develop a healthy sense of sportsmanship and friendly rivalry, while learning how to both win and lose with grace. Students are encouraged to interact with each other and connect over a mutual interest in language. They also gain confidence by performing in public. Athletics and sports are commonly viewed as healthy outlets for competitive spirit, as well as a way to gain confidence in oneself, yet children who lack athletic prowess are often viewed as “nerds” and rarely receive the public glory that athletes enjoy. Spelling bees provide students who have an interest in language to enjoy the same opportunity to compete, perform and experience those valuable life lessons on their own terms.

Aside from personal life skills, spelling bee participants also gain incredible language-based knowledge and literacy skills. Former judge at the Scripps National Spelling Bee, Linda Wood, has pointed out that studying for a spelling bee doesn’t just entail rote memorization of words, but actually involves a lot more learning than most people imagine. While training for a spelling bee, students learn about word roots and origins, the history of words and delve deeper into understanding the meaning and grammatical function of words. In fact, a champion speller can spell a word they’ve never seen before, just by making educated guesses about the usage, meaning and history of the word components, such affixes.
Students who target their spelling study not only increase their vocabulary, but develop cognitive abilities and learning strategies which can be applied to any field later in life. Spellers equip themselves with the tools to reach a higher writing level and the ability to manipulate language. Their knowledge generally helps them to become great readers as well, enjoying a wide range of literature and reading material often beyond their years.



Justin C Ifeanyichukwu also known as Eastcoastprince or ECP is a Nigerian blogger, writer and digital media strategist. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology Technology from the University Of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He is the founder and Chief executive officer of the viral content website “Storyteller Nigeria”.

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